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Thread: Thanks Northumbria

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    Thanks Northumbria

    Only just joined the site but thought I would share a little gem.

    Licensing gets a fair bit of stick but just sometimes they pull the rabbit out of the hat.

    On the run up to Xmas, submitted a variation personally to Northumbria office 2:00pm Monday and was phoned 4:40pm Tuesday (next day) telling me it was ready and asking when I wanted to collect it so it didn't get caught in the Xmas post!!!!!

    Ready in 10 working hours.......thanks Northumbria.........


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    The exception proves the rule.
    Either that or temporary (sensible) staff in over the holidays.

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    Holiday relief?

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    I've never had a problem dealing with Northumbria, they've always been on the ball for me.

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    I thought maybe the cleaners had done it... CSP take note!

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    Quote Originally Posted by RED-DOT View Post
    Holiday relief?
    Perhaps so RED DOT but I originally hail from Central Scotland and remember how much of a 'mare' Lothian and Borders was to deal with back in the day - notably after Dunblane - so pretty grateful for any service that gave me what I needed and in record time

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