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Thread: New Years Day Doe

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    New Years Day Doe

    Yesterday morning saw me and my mate out first thing to try for a doe.

    As I ventured up a track at the side of a narrow strip of trees a doe suddenly stepped out onto the track about 80 yds from me but unfortunately it was skylined. I froze and watched her waiting to see which way she would go and fortunately she headed in my direction.

    I quickly got ready on the sticks as I could see her advancing through the trees. There was a rhodedendron bush between me and the doe . I expected her to appear right handed but she came out left handed of the bush , at 20 yards I gave her a whistle , she stopped gazing at me , crosshairs on neck and that was my first deer of 2011 in the bag at 10 am .

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    Nice write up and pic. A great way to start 2011!!



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    Happy New Year! Congratulations on a nice doe.

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    Very well done Foxhunter, the start of a great New Year for you I hope...

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    By the look on your face, it looks as if your trying to remember where you put your rifle

    Congrats and the best way to start the year.

    ATB for 2011


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    What a fantastic way to start the year, well done
    "Good advice is always certain to be ignored, but that's no reason not to give it." Agatha Christie

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    Even closer than the one you got with me pal
    (you still look hungover)

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    Many congrats. quick question though, did she not have kids with her?

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    She was on her own but I did cull a single kid off a doe in the same area at the beginning of the sesaon.

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