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Thread: BASC Arran stalking 2010/2011

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    BASC Arran stalking 2010/2011

    Hi everyone, Happy New Year.

    Has anyone been to Arran on the BASC Scheme this season (2010/2011). I'm off up there on the 16th Jan and wondered how the numbers were stacking up.


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    1. The numbers stack up to 7

    2. The Rules stack up against you

    3. Introduction required, and a simple search will provide the info you might be interested in.


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    Sorry i posted this in the intro section, oops!!

    Here's a quick ressume,
    I've been shooting shooting since 2009 and completed my DSC1 mid 2010.
    I'm now DSC2 reg and loving the whole stalking scene.
    I booked on BASC scheme ages ago but since have only read mainly negative feed back.

    Stan, what the rules that aren't in my favor?

    Many thanks

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    Hi Sikamalc,

    Apologies again, I was a bit too keen to start posting


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    Welcome to the site.

    2010/2011 "stacks up to 7"

    Rules stack up as you have just found.

    Now, Arran will be a good search for you. The regulars like it.


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    Beware of crotties they could be planted rocking horse *****s genuine though
    If you are good at picka sticks you will enjoy it
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    Mate went out first week of hinds in Nov. Didn't see anything all week let alone shoot it although bewteen all the groups out there that week (approx 12 bods) 8 were taken. To put that in some perspective, I was up in the North Highlands same week as part of an 8 man team helping out with a forestry sikka hind cull and we bagged 28 and saw many times that but either weren't in the right spot or weren't ready for a shot.

    The BASC cull plan for the hind season was 70 beasts. I don't know how many have been taken in the weeks since my buddy was out there but even if it was only 8 a week that equates to 80ish by the time you get there so you may not even be able to shoot any anyway!!!!

    As has been stated previously, the odds are stacked against you but from a personal perspective I would be happy to spend a week stalking there whether or not I pulled the trigger!

    Best of luck though
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    Hi Markkay

    I go every year and have done since it started sometimes for two weeks at a time the stalkings great value for the money especially compared to what some charge on here ! As for the cull so far i dont know, however the stalkings hard going at times and i would recommend you cover as much ground as you can no matter what the weather those that normally dont shoot anything spend most their time riding the roads or sitting waiting.

    Good luck

    375 mag

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    BASC Arran stalking 2010/2011 re-post!!

    BASC Arran stalking 2010/2011
    Hi everyone, Happy New Year.

    I'm reposting this question as I posted it by mistake in the "introductions section"

    Has anyone been to Arran on the BASC Scheme this season (2010/2011). I'm off up there on the 16th Jan and wondered how it had been for anyone.

    Plus try and grab any tips or advice from those that have actually stalked there.


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    I think it was all said in response to your original post.... Relatively small population, low cull plan (70 hinds for season,) you are going very late in season and it's a vast area.

    So..... to sum up..... Not what I would call a target rich environment, the cards are stacked against you and you may well SEE nothing all week let alone get to shoot it...

    On the plus side.... What a place to spend a week!!!! does it matter if you pull the trigger or not???

    Best of luck and don't forget to give us a first hand field report when you get back (plenty of piccies too )


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