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Thread: Song Lyrics To Live By

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    Song Lyrics To Live By

    Hi Folks,
    Have you ever heard a song and thought yeah that's what its all about! Why not share them with everyone.

    Here's mine: -
    'I don't want no boiled chicken, I wanna go hunting and fishing!
    Go wild go wild in the country, we're snakes in the grass we're absolutely free.....'

    Lyrics by Bow Wow Wow 'Go Wild in the Country'.

    All about hating the city life and wanting to run around in the countryside naked killing and eating stuff!

    The punk girl lead singer was rather good looking as well!

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    If you think I am going to run around the countryside naked on 27th September, you have another think coming, pal! However, I am looking forward to "a complete demonstration of the movement...."

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    There is no way you want to be without your drawers in the Highlands when it is midge season. Fine and sensible sentiments to live by, but be sure to dress for the occasion


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    One line in a song that gets me. It`s from Shania Twains "that don`t impress me much" The song has a line that goes, "i can`t believe you kiss your cock at night" (it`s supposed to be car)

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    before i was a copper

    on my left shoulder i have tattooed "stone free" after the hendrix classic and on my right shoulder i have Born to lose, live to win, the words of the prophetic lemmy. (i did many wild and mad things when i was in the army and drunk)

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    James Blunt, 3 Wise Men-

    "Those 3 wise men had a Semi by the sea"

    Must have been a nudist beach....


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    Funny thing about your song mate Mr B, one of my friends old mentors was involved in recording.. the now disproportionally large ( according to a friend who still see's her) once iconic sex kitten

    The original lyrics were " have sex in the grass" considered quite naughty for the times and it was thought it may adversly influence the poor susceptable teenagers into shagging in every cornfield, if that was all we had to worry about now

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    Hi Legal,
    So she isn't going 'wild in the country' after all, just 'wild in the pie shop'.
    Well never mind they all need loving and fat girls are like mopeds, fun to ride but you wouldn't want your mates to see you on one!

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    "I'm driving in my car
    when a man comes on the radio
    telling me more and more
    about some useless information,
    tryin' to fire my imagination.......
    I can't get no....." etc etc

    Was I born to be wild? Nope ..... more like born to be cynical....

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