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Thread: carlsberg dont do mondays

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    carlsberg dont do mondays

    after arranging for our son to stay at a friends house my wife said she would like to go out to stalk fallow this morning, i was glad as she always brings me luck and spots stuff i would have missed. we arrived at our sport around 0740 this morning and started to stalk into an area where i had seen fallow in the past. the frost on the leaves was unbelievably loud and after about three steps we knew it would be a difficult morning. We moved out of the woods and into a field to try and reduce the noise as we were walking but even that wasnít much better as a couple of does ran from the field in front of us back into the wood.
    After sitting at the edge of the wood for about 10 minutes there was a nearby sound of something in the wood, it sounded big and i thought we were in business. It turned out to be a red squirrel followed by a large hare (shows the noise of the frost on the leaves) This was the first red squirrel I have seen in the wild and it was good to see that they are in the area. A few minutes later we caught sight of a doe running our way, it almost ran right into us before changing direction but luckily not spooked. A few more does started to move in the wood about 60m from our position and one presented a clean shot. The 6.5 120gr dropped it on the spot, I observed it for a few minutes then returned to the jeep to get my 2yr gwp bitch to see what see would make of it. I was happier with the dogs reaction to the deer than the rest of the outing, she walkerd right into the spot and took the deer by the throat. I have been disappointed with her recently as most of the shooting I do is fox, and she hasnít showed any interest in dead foxes at all but this morning was encouraging.
    It is mornings like these that make you appreciate your health, 100 round trip and back home for 1230.


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    It's nice when your dog come good, isn't it? I had my first ever stalk yesterday outside Fivemiletown. Absolutely Baltic. Kept at it from 8.30 to after 2pm but didn't see a deer. They had more sense than us. Still good to be out though. I took my Large Munsterlander bitch (2 1/2) with me and we spent a couple of hours on the mountain after partridge. Meg hunted hard but there weren't many around. She found and pointed a couple nicely but my Carlsberg moment was when she took off on what I thought was another LM headrush in a B-line over a ridge, totally ignoring the recall while we searched for a runner. She went out of sight 250 metres away and I just stood swearing while we continued to look for the runner with Damien's lab. Had to take it all back when Meg came trotting back with the missing bird. Called it a day at that as I didn't think it was going to get any better. Home absolutely foundered but grinning like an idiot.

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