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Thread: hello to all

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    hello to all

    been doing this shooting game most of my life, firstly shotguns then on to rifles main interests over the last 20 years have been stalking, working my dogs etc.
    i shoot mainly 30.06 i have to travel alot for stalking due to poachers and lampers around us. if i can help anyone i will.

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    welcome to the site, theres a few of us on here from north staffs

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    thanks for the reply are you having troubl with the lamping crew round us as it sounds as we are not to far from each other?

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    dont have any trouble myself as i dont have any ground with deer on in are area, but it is really bad as you know. its a shame theres some places which get no peace at all. do you get any trouble? dont know if you know with been new on here but you can send private mesages to members if you like any time. all the best.

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    Welcome and Good Luck

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