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Thread: My first deer of 2011 and first with the new rifle.

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    My first deer of 2011 and first with the new rifle.

    Having all of the festivities out of the way and work starting tomorrow, i thought i would steal myself away for the afternoon after a roe. Its been a lovely day, overcast and hard ground underfoot. No wind whatsoever.

    I arrived at my bit, knowing that there was a doe and youngster in the area. There used to be 4, a buck, doe, yearling and youngster but recently ive only ever seen the doe and youngster, giving me that sinking feeling that the buck and yearling had come to a sticky end with the dogs or RTA.

    Anyways, i stalked down to a good vantage point but saw nothing on the way, i got tucked into the grass and waited, thinking that charlie may make an appearance if nothing else.

    At about 1545, i noticed a movement in the wood and could see a deer in the binos, followed by a youngster. They were browsing inside the wood around 100yds away. After about 10 minutes, the doe crossed the fence into the field, followed by the youngster. Exactly what i expected to see, but then i saw another two deer trot to the wood edge and hop out into the field too, one was a doe and the other a small buck with about 4'' antlers in velvet.

    They were crossing the field towards me, i was a little concerned that they would spot me as the wind was light and all over the place now. I had decided a few days ago that the doe would be a good cull animal as shes had 3 lots of young, totalling 5 kids over 3 years. this year she only had a singleton. The youngster was in lovely condition.

    The old doe was leading the way towards me, with the other 3 all behind her. After a while she stepped out to one side away from the group and i dropped a round into the chest. There was no reaction, she just turned and ran straight into the wood. The other 3 just stood there looking around! After a minute, they all followed her into the wood and i could see them stood inside the wood. After 5 minutes, i stood up and got my kit sorted. I walked to where i had shot and found pink throthy blood straight away. I feared she had run a long way into the wood and it was now 1615 and getting dark.

    I went to where she had jumped the fence and found more blood, from there i could see her rump about 15yds into the wood. She was shot with 7mm08 139gn Interbond at 2900fps and 80yds. The entry had hit a rib and after going though the lungs, had exited pretty much square on with a 1.5'' exit hole.

    Shes now in the chiller. Looking at the teeth, shes getting on, so im happy with my choice. She also had those slipper feet thing, where the hooves havent been worn down although i dont think that was affecting her.

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    Only one for the pot your slacking ben ! at least you've drawn first blood with that new rifle

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    I could have shot two i suppose but am 'managing' the deer.. I still need to put that deer lick down, i dont think they will do much licking with it in the back of my landy! I blooded the rifle the other day with a squirrel at 30yds..

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    Long way to chuck a new rifle ! did you only get one squirrel are you managing them too " more like you didn't fancy carrying two deer back to car

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    Well done and a nice write up
    "Good advice is always certain to be ignored, but that's no reason not to give it." Agatha Christie

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    Well done Ben,

    Pleased to see you got your new piece of kit. Must've been good to get it into action so soon.


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    Cheers Dave,

    Hope your well, all the best for 2011. Have you been out much? Need to do that beer sometime.


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    Quote Originally Posted by flyingfisherman View Post
    Cheers Dave,

    Hope your well, all the best for 2011. Have you been out much? Need to do that beer sometime.

    Thank you, and all the very best to you and yours Ben.

    I've been out a couple of times. Seen deer every time but haven't squeezed one off. I'm getting soft. Trying to let a decent number of good animals prosper at the moment.

    Is Ripon still standing after that earthquake last night?! If so we could have a beer in a month or so - when work has settled down a bit. Any good to you?


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    Yeah, im keen to look after the deer on my patch too. Im interested to see what happens when you let deer mature opposed to walloping 2 year old roe bucks! The earthquake felt strong here. very odd! Yes, beer in Feb sounds good, let me know.


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    Nice one Ben

    Super rig.

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