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    chris r

    Hello my name is Chris I live in notts, have been shooting some 50 years or so. Am in a small pheasant shoot in Leics,also stalking syndicate in Dumfries & Galloway with mainly Roe there, using Styner Manlicher 308.Love vermin control with my Sako 75 in 22-250.
    Retired just over a year ago so fill my time very easy with all aspects of the sport.
    Have shot Red,Sika hinds,Roe bucks and does
    Tryed once for a Muntjac with no luck,yet to try for Fallow and CWD
    I reload both 22-250 and 308.
    Look forward to talking to you all.

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    Welcome Chris wherebouts in Notts are you?

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    Hi Rangefinder I live in Beeston nr the university

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