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Thread: Hi all new boy from wiltshire :-)

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    Red face Hi all new boy from wiltshire :-)

    Hello everyone.
    I have been shooting for approx 10 years now and am looking at broadening my knowledge, I have always wanted to stalk so am taking the plunge! At the present i am using!
    Cz 22lr
    Tikka T3 laminate jet z mod in 223
    Sako 85 finlight in 243 no mod yet!
    And just put in a variation for 308!!! fingers crossed.

    I look forward to reading the forum and the possibility of meeting some of you. Thanks for your time ss.

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    Welcome to the site. Good people on here and you pick up loads of good info.

    Join us on one of our socials I am sure one will be coming up soon watch out for it on the social forum.


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