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Thread: Stalking Directory visitor figures for June 2008

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    Stalking Directory visitor figures for June 2008

    Hello to All SD Members,

    I have been asked to inform you all of the sites progress and I'm pleased to say that the site is going from strength to strength.
    Here are some of the figures: -
    Visits to the site from 1st June 2008 to 28th June 2008 = 2,942 300% higher than last year
    Highest amount of visits in one day = 655 visits on the 19th June 2008, 300% higher than last year

    Our new visitor numbers are up by 15.30% for the same time period in June 2007

    Visitors viewing the site over a twelve month period from June 2007 to June 2008 = 15,560, 300% higher than last year

    Site page views 278,697 for June 2008, 300% higher than last year

    These figures are fantastic and it is all down to you the site members. Your contributions be they questions, answers, photos, video links and even jokes and general chit chat are setting new standards.

    Long may it continue many thanks for all your efforts and support.

    Regards Admin.

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    Distinguished Member tartinjock's Avatar
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    Your Welcome

    It's also down to you the Admin Team.

    You produce the site, we contribute. It's a Team thing..

    You can have a pat on the back also.


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    Self praise is no praise Tarty my old mucker! You are a moderator after all. Let’s just say it was a joint effort or as you put it a ‘team thing’. It’s good news however you look at it. I think it can only get better; any chance you can get a letter off Admin and tell the Army you can't be spared off the site to go to war? It's a bloody inconvenience we need you here!

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    That just goes to show how many people visit the site, and how it has gained popularity.

    All those people visiting, I wonder if it was "them or us"


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    Maybe by saying 'Us and Them' they mean 'Us' trolls 'Them' SD site members?

    What's the figures for troll evictions in the SD Site household?

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    That`s great news. Thanks to eveyone that has put in and contributed and also the people that work in the back office, that`ll be you then Beowulf.


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    Wada's, what do you know about Mr B's back office


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    Yeah, butt out Wadas .......oh ..........

    Sorry to have brought that up again Beo

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