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Thread: .243 Blaser R 8 reluctant sale !

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    .243 Blaser R 8 reluctant sale !

    I have decided to let go of my almost new Blaser R8(bought in Aug/Sep 2010).This was the rifle I bought for myself because I had managed to stop smoking .Alas ,my geriatric thumbs cannot get used to the cocking lever system! God knows I have tried to be comfortable with it ,but the connection between my brain and safety/cocking lever is still alien after years of conventional guns .

    Anyway ,I still need a rifle so this would be a straight sale OR a trade with cash as well .

    Rifle , cost price 2400
    Mount, 300
    A-tec mod 270

    Total, 2970...............(Plus scope 3470)
    Scope is Swarovski 4-16 x 50 which cost 500 second hand and is in v good condition. Just in case anyone wanted the whole package .

    The bi-pod is a lookalike harris 6-9 which will stay on (no cost )
    The sling swivel is a geuine Harris made for this gun and fitted well.(no cost)
    The gun will also travel in a hard plastic lockable travel case. (no charge)

    The rifle is in pristine condition and has fired less than 150 rounds, four of those connected with three Roe and the stag in the picture .
    It is amasingly accurate and short compared to normal rifles .

    I would like to find another Mannlicher .243.I used these for 20 years before the change to a Blaser.But I would consider other rifles as well .

    My price for the whole package scope as well................2,600ovno
    Without scope...............2,200.ovno
    Contact through PM,s and I will give you my phone number to chat about it .
    Any questions please feel free to get in touch .
    Thanks for reading this far

    Ps, The A-tec mod and spiggot was fitted after the pics were taken.

    Pss, No comments about my baldy head in the picture on the kitchen windowsill! lol

    Thanks for the emails guys ,but the scope will stay on the rifle for the new owner or be put on my new rifle whenever. It will not be for sale on its own . Thanks.
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    The rifle will on the rack at SLOAN,s of Inverurie by next week if anyone local would like to see it .

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    Thank you to those who enquired,rifle now sold.

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