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Thread: Family Fortunes

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    Family Fortunes

    Just been watching a scouse family on family fortunes. You should have seen their faces
    light up when Vernon Kay said to them. "Get ready" you might have a chance to "steal"!!!

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    I heard that the best thing that came out of Liverpool was the Isle of Man Ferry.

    I know that the Scousers I have come across will steal the saddle of a nightmare

    If you have any living near you nail your chattels down to the floor boards and make sure you clench the nails over underneath

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    Rather than send Hans Blick into Iraq looking for weapons of mass destruction, the UN should have sent in the person that decided Liverpool was to be the city of culture in 2008. Anyone that was smart enough to find culture in Liverpool would have had no trouble finding Saddam's missiles.
    /l\ Y gwir yn erbyn y byd /l\

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