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Thread: sabatti .308

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    sabatti .308

    Nice italian .308. Bluing and woodwork in excellent condition. Shoots 1/2" groups at 100 yards with homeloads. Wood is cracking - very very nicely figured walnut. Screwcut for mod 1/2"UNF.
    Accounted for many roe, fox and fallow.
    This is the second sabatti I own and I love them - I'm probably keeping the other one which was a cheaper buy (and is in worse nick) but both shoot very well. I'm only selling this one as I've got another new (and rather indulgent) deer calibre rifle and can't justify it.
    This is not the same as the 'rover' rifles AFAIK, and I believe this to be the deluxe version.

    Options as follows:

    Gun and mounts only: 200
    Gun, mounts and tasco euro class in semi-decent nick: 250
    Gun, mounts, scope as above and wildcat predator 8 pretty much as new: 350
    All of the above plus full length, seating (and maybe neck sizing if I can find it) dies, 100 or so federal nickel once fired brass, load of primers, tub of n550, load of speer 165gr heads, plus 100 or so completed rounds: bargain price of 400

    More pics available for serious enquiries - ie not timewasting picture collecting weirdos....

    Edit - will not split any of this until the rifle is sold.

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    I have one in 6.5x55 camo good rifle for the price. I paid a bit more for mine as from a dealer.mine shoots the same 1/2'' to 1/4'' only had it 3 months and have shot 1 roe and 5 fallow with it . This is a really good buy just look at the price. Good luck with the sale


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