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Thread: Did anyone just feel that?!

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    Did anyone just feel that?!

    Sat in the house watching TV at 2100 and there was a huge rumble, the whole house shook and then you could hear it going round the town..

    Sky news have confirmed it was an earthquake...?

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    Nothing down this way

    measuring 3.6
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    epicentre about 3 miles west of Ripon, no wonder i felt it!

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    that botham lad dropped his wallet i expect

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    nothing here in the midlands.

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    just you wait callie , if it was his wallet itll bounce that far

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    come out from under the table mate it landed in the channel !

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    hi ben
    now that deer you had this afternon as only just made the earth move for you

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    Reminded me of the lines in this clip.


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