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Thread: A hatrick to start the year.

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    A hatrick to start the year.

    Shot these 3 last night with 3 shots (50gr privvi) 2 head shot and 1 neck.
    I haven't been able to get to my reloading bench so have used factory.
    I must say they are very accurate and expand much quicker than the 55gr sp privvi's.
    1 head shot never exited after hitting the snout.
    I use a 22250.

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    I use 39grn blitzkings through a tac .20 with 23.5grn of vit pushing it , their accurate , expand fast and very very quick

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    My usual handload is a 50gr VMax or hp. over 37.4grs of vit N140 and a cci250 mag primer.
    They can shoot 20mm at 200m's are 3780fps (22") and 65% do not exit foxes.

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    the vmax was good in my 250 . My mate steve bowers dont rate hollow points for anything , try some blitzkings , i know this is a vastly different beast but they do them in 22 . I tell ya what i couldnt sleep after ordering a custom build but flipping heck i love it , she shoots maybe 8mm groups at 200 at 4000fps zeroed at 150 shes dead flat to 400 , highseat shooting is allmost unfair the furthest one ive had yet is 509m on the range finder

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    I tried 40gr blitz kings and was getting 4108 fps and was also getting runners as penetration was nil.
    Still have a few in the box, might use them up on magpies.
    Drop when sat out is irrelevant now as I have a range finder and ballistic turrets so dail in.
    Taken 2 at 600m's furthest was 609.

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    happy new year,

    Guess what, Gsr to you and many of them for 2011


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    Great nights work. Not had much luck here but got a lot of sheep on one farm Im shooting on so recon that could change pretty soon!!

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