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Thread: Hmmmm snowing again

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    Hmmmm snowing again

    Well got up to a light covering and lots of flakes falling from the sky. If it keeps this up it could even be our heaviest fall. Out here on the east caost of Lincolnshire we had very little snow, I think the deepest it got was about 2 1/2" and that was after several falls. The ground here had just began to thaw too and now this. Should be interesting.

    Better go and put some air in the 4x4's tyres as I noticed they were down a bit. We have not used it since before Christmas, not needed to, better get it ready JIC .

    Anyone else getting fresh snow?

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    sleet in oban yesterday but 20 miles away both main routes to glasgow got closed in the afternoon due to heavy snowfall

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    Oh well it's now going again.. I wish it would make up it's flaming mind .

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