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Thread: last nights stalk

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    last nights stalk

    these are a few of the deer i saw last night
    this one was with a couple of others that did not want thier picture taken

    these were less than 20 yards from me

    another of the same deer 5 yards closer but this time i was spotted

    this one was watching me for quite a while

    once i got a bit to close for comfort away she went,
    just look how she jumped when she saw the rifle

    hope you enjoy

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    Thanks for thaty stone dear boy, it's nice to see.


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    Nice one stone mate, great pics.


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    back up and running now
    thanks tartinjock
    all sorted now cheers mate

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    No Probs Mate,

    Good Pics and Vid footage.


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    Nice one Stone!
    All the best,

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