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Thread: .25-06 powder choices advice

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    .25-06 powder choices advice

    aye aye folks

    quick one for those in the know, im on the hunt for advice please

    im currently using vhit N160 in my .25-06 and have not used any other powder basically since i started as im gettin reasonable results

    but as experience from others has shown that gettin yer hands on what you want lately is no easy......

    my usual supplier has a no bad supply of varget and im wondering if any others use it in .25-06 and whats yer results????

    im using from 85grn bullet to a 100grn bullet higher

    and im led to beleive its a bit more efficient as you use less of it? ....maybe a consideration with the way prices are going ???? ( yes im scottish )

    another bit angling me towards it is my other rifle is .22-250 and i hear good reports for it also.

    what you think guys? too fast a burning powder for my bullet range and caliber or a good choice??

    thanks again


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    Hi Sauer,

    Never used Varget in 25-06 but have used it a fair bit in .270 with 130gn bullets, .17 Rem .243 and .308 it's the only powder i use in my 223 to be honest i havent found a calibre that it didn't work well in (couldnt get good velocities with 6.5 but was very accurate).
    I Don't see why it wouldn't work in 25.06 or 22.250 I keep my Varget just for my 223 as it's getting harder to get around here and i use N160 for the .270 these days as i like to keep load densitys quite high but if i couldn't get it i'd happily use Varget.


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    Hi Sauer,
    I haven't used N160 in my 25/06 and I would say Varget is way to fast for the 25/06 I shoot Hornady 100 Spire points in mine with 60.3gr of H1000
    it's past the recommended max the the reloading guides but is save in my barrel I have been higher but backed of no point in pushing ones luck,
    my barrel is 26.5" yours may shoot better with H4831SC or H4350, I use H4831SC with 87gr Berger moly coated with good results,
    What ever powder you choose take care the case can hold dangerous amounts of power my load of H1000 is still about 2 grains from full and Varget about 10 grains I find Federal 215 primers work the best in my rifle,( You think Scottish is bad I'm Scots/ Irish/ Yorkshire born in New Zealand

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    i use n160 with 85 and 100gn. looked at some h4831 sc for the 85's but the nosler book put the n160 a bit faster so i stuck with that, because faster is better.

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    hi sauer
    i used to use n160 and h4831 in 25.06 . now shoot 257 roberts ai and it also likes n160 but also shoots very well with imr 4831.

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    So far I have tried the foloowing powders:-

    Reloader 19

    In my rifle using Reloader 19 requires a Magnum primer of one gets hang fires (delayed ignition) if using normal primers. The same powder tub works fine in the 270 with normal primers.

    The Reloader 19 is the faster burning powder I have tried and it uses about 5 grains less powder than H4831. I shall try to get some more H4350 and try that one again in mine.

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    imr 4831 works just fine for me, most accurate load in nosler book. i use 25-06 nosler ballistic tips.

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    I re-load my 25-06 using varget and a 117gr bullet (hornady sst). You'll find the Lee manual specifies 37-41grs. 40.5grs groups approx half inch with my Tikka M65.

    The best powder i found was Ramshot Magnum but unfortunately i can't get it anywhere and Ramshot themselves have replied by e-mail stating they don't export to the UK.

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    What load and bullet did you use in your 25-06 with Ramshot Magnum, I have 12 lbs and only got it to group in 7mm WSM with 120gr under 77gr.

    I tried 58gr in the 25-06 but it was not a patch on N140, 270 loads as well if you have them
    info gratefully received.

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    I'm using 85 and 100 gn NBT's in my 25-06 I have tried
    RL22 52 GN with 100 NBT
    Viht N165 55.5 GN with 100 NBT
    RL17 52.GN with both 85 and 100 NBT's gives nearly same POI at 100yds.

    I am trying to stick with the RL17 as it is proving to be very accurate in mine giving good speeds (3240 with 100 NBT's) but it is always good to know what other powders work in your rifle for when supply of your favourite dries up.


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