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Thread: Snow joke in sutherland.... those deer ears work

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    Snow joke in sutherland.... those deer ears work

    I love and hate snow. Seeing the deer is easy but I've been on hols up north stalking since sunday and despite seeing dozens of deer I only got my first shot today. The damn snow was so crunchy sunday and monday and I stalked the same two roe does not getting under 170m both times (It was impossible to take a step without a crunch). The snow only melted back properly over yesterday and last night leaving some in the depressions and a bit of ice here and there. So this morning it was third time lucky stalking on wet grass but making the shot from 70m. You realise how good the little bugger's hearing is when you can pick you up before you can even get in comfortable range for a shot with their hearing all they have to catch you out. .and more snow is forcast up here

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    Well done on the doe, hope the rest have ear mufflers on to protect them from the snow and let you stalk in closer

    I know the feeling well, I gave up on 3 outings before Xmas as the ice covered snow gave the game away! Out for hinds 2morrow near Crieff with snow forecast, hopefully it's not a white out and wet sleety stuff which clears quickly as last day in Dec was wiped out with over a foot of snow.



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    Sutherland, "Land of No Trees"....

    The distance you go to avoid shooting them....


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    I'm not happy now.....

    Altenator packed in so I got one from inverness the day before yesterday and bough the tools I needed (180 later) and changed it yesterday phew! Now the fuel injection pump is leaking fuel and that's not going to get fixed without a garage doing it. On a plus note there's reds showing now though.....

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