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Thread: Sloppy shoulders

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    Sloppy shoulders

    Hi there everyone.

    I've been wrestling with this issue for the best part of four decades so I figured it was time to get the views of the experienced and wise.

    My rifle keeps sliding off my shoulder - there, I've said it !

    It's not a big deal but I'd certainly like to stop it happening. I don't have shoulders totally parallel to the ground but neither are they ski jumps but I just can't seem to stop my sling from working its way off my shoulder even after only a few steps. I've tried all manner of slings from Neopreen to canvas and back again. I've tried sewing a large button onto the shoulder of my jacket (all that did was knacker the waterproofing), I've tried the ruck sack type slings - not great for a quick shot. So, like the alcoholic standing on the chair and saying I have a problem, I'm no longer in denial - I have a problem.

    Any suggestions greatfully received


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    I am the same mate i just carry mine slug across my chest and lift it when i see a deer no probs might have mised a very quick chance but beter than hitching a rifle up all the time. Most stalker walk very very crouched and even if they are built like a brick wall will still suffer the same problem ps it is worse with a moderator,

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    I have this problem too. Is there a need for sloppy shoulders anonymous?

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    and there was me thinking it was only me .

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    I am a member of that club as well, i did find on the net a rile sling that holds it behind you, on your side, in front.

    may not be so good if you got big belly overhang like me so never got one, worth watching the video to the end, he gos some many straps come the end he can star in a bondage film....

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    Yep, me too!

    Recently I have been using a neoprene sling that grips quite well and I have bought a deerhunter ram jacket that has grips on the shoulders. These two things combined has helped a lot.

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    +1 for the sloping deltiod brigade, it's a curse


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    And me, even without the T8 screwed on the end!

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    Having no neck and wide sloping shoulders I can sympathise, unfortunately I have yet to find a cure. The best answer I have found is a neoprene sling and the deerhunter rubber slip stopper fitted on jackets. Still not perfect!

    Yours in deepest sympathy, Simon, the sloping shouldered cripple from Worcestershire
    Blindness to suffering is an inherent consequence of natural selection. Nature is neither kind nor cruel but fiercely indifferent.

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    what is a neck? my ears touch my shoulders even the dandruff can't stick to that slope!

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