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    Tumbler Media

    Evening all

    Does anybody know of a good alternative tumbler media and where to get it rather than the branded medias. I got heaps of help on my last post so thanks a lot for any info.



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    Look for "gerbil bedding". I buy that, add about an ounce of "Brasso" or liquid car polish to it, and it works very well for me. THAT SAID, it has a tendency to be a bit "large" for small-caliber (.243-ish or .264-ish) cases, meaning a case or two out of 20 will need a LITTLE extra effort to clear the inside of the case. I'm willing to do this for the 75% savings in purchase price.

    I have also used pecan shells. (Similar to black walnut shells). However, if you don't break EVERY PIECE up to VERY small size, they can be a son-of-a-bachelor to get out of a small case mouth.


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    I brought mine from Norman Clarke at the Newark show last year in a clear plastic bag. It was not expensive and it lasts a long time I find. Mine is crushed walnut media with added rouge as it's a reddish colour.

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    I've read a little about reloaders in the U.S. using ceramic case tumbling media, similar to broken china or glass beads. I've never seen it in this country but it is supposed to be much faster to clean cases using this stuff. Perhaps Gitano or Muir can let us know if it is any good or if there are problems using it.

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    Sorry, no help from me I'm afraid as I haven't used it, and don't know of anyone that has. That's not to suggest it isn't used, just that I am not a good source of info about its use.


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    I'd be a little wary about using ceramic media for brass cases.
    It is widely used in engineering for de-burring operations in a tumbler, and can be very abrasive.
    Also in soft materials (like various alloys) will leave debris embedded in the surface.


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    I have not got round to using it yet but I know someone that has and he swears by it - Cat litter

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    I have never had good results from the crushed walnut media but the crushed corn media works very well for me.

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