It's been a long time but i decided to log back on after a long period of being busy, My name is Toni, i am a holder of a DSC 1 and I am currently undertaking my level 2.
I am involved with a self run pheseant shoot that probably holds more woodcock than pheseant but it's all good shooting.
I am a qualified as an A1 assessor and I also hold an IV's qualification, as well as a training learning and development qualification, all curtisy of my employers. I would love to become a DSC 2 assessor in time and if anyone has any guidance I would be thankfull.
Unfortunatly I don't currently have my own stalking ground, and like many others have to pay through the nose. I have ground that permission is granted for FAC's up to .308, so plenty of training gound and zeroing but the deer have left a few years ago. Anyone that has any ideas on gaining some ground would be great, I don't mind travelling from Surrey to Sussex, kent, hampshire or any offer would be great, anyway look forward to the threads in the forum and some of the interesting comments.
Cheers; Toni L