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Thread: Rescued Roe Doe

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    Rescued Roe Doe

    Look at these enthusiastic guys saving this deer. It got dark quickly though!

    After all this human intervention, what chance does it have?

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    Don't think much for it's chances. They are discussing the best way to cook it

    "gulasz z dziczyzny" is Polish for venison stew I am afraid.

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    Depends on many things, time in the water, what they did with it after it was rescued etc. However as we all know they are tough little animals, certainly has a better chance out of that water !

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    hope it is ok but it must be in a very bad way to allow it's self to be picked up like that.


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    100% chance of survival. looks shaken but still alert. get it dry and warm and release next day fine.

    great to see these type of stories

    well done

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    Agree with Centralbeltstalker, tough little creatures.


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    though little things, stress could be a killer, a bit less noise and possibly covering its eyes might have been an idea. depends what happened next

    was the hooraa near the end because they got dinner

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    She was probably hypothermic (but without knowing core temp only a guess) would of been in a delussional state due to exposure to freezing water etc and maybe not as stressed as first thought, yes they should of covered eyes and been quiet but obviously a bit more excitement than rescueing cats from trees, 100% chance if warmed slowly in a stess free area and fluids replaced then released ASAP.

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