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Thread: 7x57 v. 6.5 x 55 v 25-06

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    7x57 v. 6.5 x 55 v 25-06

    I am about to apply for my FAC and am looking for a rifle for both roe and reds with the possibility of occasional foxing. I have done a lot of reading and spoken to several stalkers.

    I am favouring the 25-06, as it seems to be fairly versitile and very flat, although the 7x57 doesn't seem to be too far behind and I though that the heavier bullets would be better on larger reds. I also though that it can't have stuck around and done so well for so long, unless it is worthwhile. Several people have also reccomended the 6.5x55, but I understand this is very similar to the 25-06, albeit with slightly heavier bullets and a less flat trajectory.

    I am prepared to handload, if needed and this area does interest me.

    Any advice would be greatfully received.

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    I use 7x57 many years and I've never problem to get any roe or reds under 200m but 6.5x55 have a better ballistic and you have large selection of bullets. I've never use 25-06.

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    Have you got a rifle in mind already?

    if you have check they actually offer it in the chamberings and calibres your interested in . All those you have listed will do what your asking I would add one word of coution though. of those you listed the 25-06 has potentially the shortest barrel life. I brought a used one at the back end of 2009 and was totally happy with it's grouping so have been working with it and also doing some investigations even to getting Steve kershaw to inspect the bore with his bore scope. He found that the first 10" of the bore is heat crazed .

    Just looking donw the bore it looks shiny enough but the damage is there and the 25-06 has a bit of a reputation for this . It happens when you put a large volume of hot gases under pressure down a small bore. The 7mm Mauser (7x57) and 6.5x55SE (Swedish) are kinder and gentler on bores.

    I do happen to shoot all three you asked about and like them all at present I am shootign 139gr bulelts at 2850 fps in the 7x57, 129 gr bullets (not sure of velocity) in the 6.5x55 and right now am playing with some 100 gr and 117 gr bullets in the 25-06.

    I would as I said look at the rifles first and worry about which cartridge to use after deciding upon the rifle get the rifle that feels the best to you and you will not go far wrong.

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    I haven't got a rifle in mind yet, but I have had a chat to Ross Haygarth. He can build a rifle in any of these calibres, with a glass bedded action for less than a Heym, which is what I had been thinking about.

    Brithunter - Do you have any preferance, if you were to choose only one of your rifles?

    My main concern with the 25-06 is that I have heard a few stories of deer running on when hit, whereas I have been told the 7x57 will deal with anything

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    never had any of the other calibers so cant comment but i have had .25-06 for last 6 years or so .....and.....

    love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    im shooting mainly roe and fox and it does the job ive had red with it no problems with them running

    but......ANY caliber i believe not placed properly and they will run said so many times on this site.....bullet placement is the key

    i believe it boils down to how you feel and of course availability locally to you for ammo be it factory ammo or the parts for use getting a rifle then having to go to ends o the earth to get ammo.....might sound stupid to some but my area and ive heard others can be a nightmare to get ammo that you want.

    whatever you choose hope you enjoy it.


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    If it was just for deer then the 7X57 would perhaps be the most versatile, however you mention foxes and for this quarry you ideally want to use a Varmint type bullet. The 25cal and the 6.5mm have more varmint bullets available than the 7mm, as you have already said the 25-06 is fast and flat but the Swede has a better choice of bullets. If you are going the custom route and don’t mind reloading have you considered a 6.5-06, this will do everything 25-06 will and have a good choice of bullets. I think Griff on here is having one built drop him a PM.



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    I would agree with much of the above. The 7x57 will certainly drop anything but it's a bit "loopy" for fox work I think. 223 is probably the most popular fox round at the moment and of course the good old 243 is somewhere in the middle. Lots of choices!!

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    The only one of those that I have is the 7x57 and you are correct that it has stood the test of time because it works. It is becoming virtually impossible to find sensibly priced ammunition for though. I have lost intrest in reloading and for this reason I am thinking very seriously about selling it. Just because a maker or importer lists the ammo, don't assume you can get it, they often speak (and advertise) with forked tounges!

    If you get bored with considering these alternatives you could always just get a .270 win which, as we all know, beats them all in this class.


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    All I can do is offer you perspective on the 6.5x55, I can't offer anything by way of comparison. I would say that it is a joy to shoot, very soft on the shoulder and very accurate with factory ammo. Unlike most I like 140 grain US ammo (Winchester Super X and Remington Core-Lokt) for both deer and fox.

    My reservations about the calibre are twofold- firstly secondhand rifles are expensive in this calibre and I looked long and hard before finding my Kimber Sporterized Mauser (not to everyone's taste but I love it). Secondly I have found getting hold of a variety of factory ammo quite hard. My local RFD doesn't sell any at all, so I have to travel.

    I would recommend checking out both of these factors before submitting in the FAC. If I had I probably would have gone for a .270 Win. But then I would never have found my Kimber...

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    You have started something now.................there are some seriously big fans of both the 6.5x55 and the 25-06 on this site..................I shall stand back and watch the fireworks as the thead developes

    For the record i'm a huge fan of the 25-06

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