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Thread: What would you have done?

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    What would you have done?

    I went to see a rifle today at my local RFD which I put a deposit on, the rifle had a scope and the scope was an extra 200 quid. When paying the deposit the guy got it wrong because I didnt want the scope he knocked off 200 quid. I knew this was wrong it was an extra 2-- for the scope but I kept schtum. I got a reciept with a price listed as the lower price however on the way home they rang me to say this was wrong and put the price back up.

    I thought fair enough its still a good price at the higher but got to thinking with that reciept having a stated price and the deposit being paid at that price, could i if I wanted to be arsey and insist they sell me it for the lower price?

    Like I say dont think I would as I use that gun shop alot but just wondering.....

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    you probably could....but you'd lose a friend. Go in and pay with a smile and you could gain one!

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    That can only be down to your own morals but the one thing it does illustrate, once again, is how lacking in knowledge and attention to detail some gunshop staff are. I had a Stutzen in a shop up until last week for sale on commission. I went to collect it as they had had no interest, the bloke in the shop (owners son) said could I come through to the gunroom to identify it as they couldn't find it. It was the only stutzen in the shop! No supprise it hadn't sold, how was he supposed to sell it to a punter if he didn't know what it was! JC

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    Personally i'd pay the right price if i knew they'd cocked up,but that's just the kind of guy i am,my misses bought some stamps before christmas and there was two sheets of ten stuck together and i went into the post office the next day and paid them for the extra ten much to their suprise,how honest is that i don't suppose a lot of people would do that these days.

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    dont get my wrong like I say I am happy to pay the higher price, which is more than reasonable and I would rather keep my local gunshop on side than have to drive miles just to buy bullets. Was just wondering as I suspect that legally in a shop you can pay anything for an item and the buyer/seller contract only becomes binding once a price is agreed at the till and money changes hands. Just wondering what ppl thought

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    Quote Originally Posted by andibrains View Post
    dont get my wrong like I say I am happy to pay the higher price, which is more than reasonable and I would rather keep my local gunshop on side than have to drive miles just to buy bullets.
    By the sound off things i think you have made the right decision.

    Get it bought, and good luck.

    Rgds Uncle Buck

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    I think you could legally make them sell at that price. But as said dont rock the boat but make sure he know you know Room for manouver ps JC do you use a gun shop in scotland alot of your post rings a clear bell

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    For example

    The ticket price for the rifle is 600, the scope is an extra 200 and is marked on the ticket as such - total for outfit 800

    You pay the deposit or for the rifle only which should be 600 and the sales chap makes a mistake - asks u for 400 instead.

    You could, as I understand it pay 400 and walk out the shop with the rifle.

    BUT, the marked price for the gun is 600 - so really it would be down to the sales guy to pay the shop the balance for his mistake.

    Like others have said, I would pay the outstanding balance and have clear concious, also u may get a better deal from now on ......

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    You know what is right.


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    Quote Originally Posted by gitano View Post
    You know what is right.

    +1 especially if you will be going back

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