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Thread: Problems with Tikka 595 .270 stainless

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    Problems with Tikka 595 .270 stainless

    Hi has anyone else had any problems getting good groupings with this rifle

    sorry meant 695 cheers
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    I've had an M595 in 7mm-08 without any problems. There were some rounds it liked better than others - Sako was bottom of the list, which surprised me.

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    Not quite the same but, I have a 595 and out of the box it is the most accurate rifle I have ever owned. I can understand why some claim they are so much better than the newer models.

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    I've found nothing wrong with my M695 .270, but you have to make allowances for the cartridge. I have identical Tikka models M595 in .22/250 and .243, and another M695 in 6.5x55 - but this a mild, and intrinsically accurate cartridge.I regard these as dual-purpose cartridges so expect good groups from them.

    The .270 doesn't match any of the above for minute grouping but I don't expect it too. It's an all out hunting cartridge with a fair recoil, but it'll do the job that the others won't on an a bigger animal... where there's more aiming latitude. Any group of 1" - 1.5" is okay, and your M695 should deliver these as mine does.... or you have a problem.

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    Quote Originally Posted by davebob View Post
    Hi has anyone else had any problems getting good groupings with this rifle

    sorry meant 695 cheers
    I have a 695 in .270 with a PES T12 attached. I had some problems with rezeroing a few months ago (I posted on here at the time) after i'd had the mod fitted. Found there was nothing wrong with the rifle, so I changed ammunition. I was using Norma 130grn softpoints at the time. Federal 130grn softs were also inconsistent, and so were another brand of 130 grn I tried, can't remember the name. I then tried Winchester 140grn and within 9 shots I could manage a tight group at 100m.

    It might be worth trying a few different loads to see if that's the problem. This article has helped me no end on that front:

    Hope that helps

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    Ahhh I believe that a lot of people are expecting too much from their rifles and ammunition today. We read and hear about sub 1/2" groups at 100 yards or metres and expect to see it from all our rifles. When the reality is that not all rifles and ammunition are actually capable of this level of precision. Happy are we when we come across a combination that does perform very well .

    It would be refreshing if those who write articles and tests on rifles and ammunition were allowed to report factually rather than gild the lilly to keep advertisers and editors sweet but it the real world this will not happen. Trouble is that some people believe what they read and start to expect this performance all the time.

    Now for myself with handloads I strive to achieve groups of MOA or less at 100 yards better of course is always nice but in reality MOA will do anything that I need. I also try to find factory ammunition that gives no more than 1 1/2 MOA at 100 yards again less is better but we have to be realistic. I also realise than my eyes and fitness are not as good as they once were and this also effects my shooting performance and must be factored in.

    Now davebob did not say what type of group size he was achieving so giving more detailed help is not really possible.

    With my 25-06 I believe I fell for this expecting too much in precison upon target and even though several of my handloads have achieved my normal goal I was seduced by the writings and posts on forums of the 25-06's precision and was expecting grouping in the 1/2"-3/4" range at least and have been working towards achieving that when really I should have accepted the MOA and less groups and gone stalking with it .

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    Hi thanks for the responses at 50 yards its about 3 inches 100yards 5inches using 110 grain norma used other ammo too still the same. My manlicher .270 would clover leaf at 100yards and the 25-06 does the same.

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    Hmmm have you tried some 130gr ammunition?

    110 Gr is quite light for a .270.

    That grouping is more of a pattern rather than a group.

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    yeah have tried the 130 grain Norma and Fedral to be honest the 110 Norma seem to be the best. Ive lost confidence in the gun so i think its got to go, its at the gunsmiths in Tain dropped it off today. Ive been using the 25-06 and its dropping the big forest hinds just fine.

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    Oh dear sorry to hear that. I hope it's replacement will be better assuming you do replace it of course.

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