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Thread: MGF 1.8 VVC: Sell or Swap for O/U

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    MGF 1.8 VVC: Sell or Swap for O/U

    I have developed the need for a O/U multichoke with a 3 inch chamber.

    To buy it I'm going to sell my MGF 1.8 VVC. It's a 1997 model but has a low mileage at just over 34K, leather seats, clip on hard top and the legendary cylinder head gasket has been sorted. Taxed till March, MOT till September. It's really good fun on country roads and is civilised enough to use as a small commuter. The value is around 600. I'm the second owner, I bought it from a pal who was emigrating about 3 years ago and he had it from new.
    I'll take some photos at the weekend to post or send if anyone is interested in buying or swapping for a suitable gun.

    The reg is P314DSA if you want to check out the history.

    Pictures at:

    I'm in Aberdeenshire.
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    Can you get a Stag in the MG?

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    If you have taken the trouble to comprehensively process and neatly pack it I would think so. I believe that a rather nifty rack is available for the boot lid so you could fit a second one on top if you trussed it carefully

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    In the 1970's i had a few pigs in my Stag. (a V8 Triumph motor vehicle).

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    i want car please email me pics

    hi i have a winchester model 400 o/u and is in great condition for age approx 30 years old and is NOT the japanese/sears model, this one was one of few made in america and is the same as the model 101 sport. i currently have it advertised for 800 quick sale i would like to swap as im moving to london and cannot take it with me and conveniently i need a car.

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    Now sold, thanks to those who expressed interest.

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