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Thread: What strange thing have you bartered for?

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    What strange thing have you bartered for?

    Don't know what made me think of it but a bartering incident sprang to mind. When I was young, under ten, I am now over 60 I collected knives. My collection was mostly tin pen knives with tartan handles. Usually bartered for marbles. I however swapped two for a hand grenade. (The deactivated shell) Remember this was the fifties, less than 15 years after the war, followed by Suez, and Korea so war memorabilia was plentyful. My father went apesh*t when he saw it. So did the boy's father. His son and him turned up at the door looking for it's return. He had already moved a knife on so I only got one back. Mind you we both eat meals standing up for a while,

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    Swapped out one of mums small carp from the pond for a black widow catapult when I was 12, said it was neighbours cat must have had it. Got a bsa meteor for my next birthday.... DOUBLE SCORE

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    i got a fllick knife for a Mars bar and a packet of Space raders (crisps), that was some years ago now thou, still got the knife somewhere i think??

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    My Dad swapped a toad and got an old rusty curved blade bayonet (Don't know from what era). He said he never liked the toad anyway. He is seventy five now and still has the bayonet.

    Way before becoming a stalker, and in blissful ignorance I picked up a Sika hind that was hit in full flight by the car in front of me. Paunched it like a rabbit and drove off with it hung from the roofrack of my Landrover. Hung it in a barn (of the farm on which we were camping). Once skinned and butchered with just one knife, I offered some to a group of divers camping there too. We lived like kings on fresh scallops crabs and venison till it was all gone. I would probably not do that again now, but we all lived to tell the tale.

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    I once swapped a Womble yo yo for a ten speed racer, did miles on that bike and eventually swapped it for a colour telly.

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    Night of pleasure for Syphilis


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    Quote Originally Posted by smullery View Post
    Night of pleasure for Syphilis


    Sorry Stan...

    I swapped a 20 ton truck hydraulic jack for a 1947 Marlin Model 39 lever action .22 rifle. Lately I swapped one of my Ruger Model 96 .22WMR lever guns for a Browning BAR in 30-06....which I promptly gave to JAYB??~Muir

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    Clean Clothes

    Swapped a crate of McEwans lager for a washing machine when I was based in Germany. I managed to 3 years use out of that washer; best 17 Deutsch Marks I ever spent.
    You can't say muntjac without saying, Mmmmmm.

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    I swapped an Austin Champ, untaxed and un-MOT'd, for a Belgian (unmarked apart from proof-marks) 16 bore side by side shotgun, it was lovely and I never should have parted with it. Which I then traded against my first wildfowling shotgun.

    I did well on the Austin Champ swap because it came with a blacksmiths vice, kinetic rope, tirfor, shackles, straps and a single leg jack. I still have the tirfor shackles and straps. Well, my brother seems to be on semi-permanent loan

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    swapped a 17lb salmon for a P reg renault clio last summer
    my daughter drives it ,nice wee car

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