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Thread: Skoda Yeti 4x4 - anyone have one?

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    Skoda Yeti 4x4 - anyone have one?

    Looking to expand our mini-fleet of works vehicles by 3 and the Yeti 4x4 has come up as one of the possibles and on paper it looks to have a very good spec for the money. Anyone have one or has driven one - comments welcome.

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    seen the tv add and it looked good, seen it in the flesh damn ugly.
    bulky looking when you see it.

    what car rates it well.

    Skoda Yeti Crossover - Video - New Car Review - What Car?

    not for me but i dont know your business.

    atb f.

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    Quote Originally Posted by centralbeltstalker View Post

    what car rates it well.

    Skoda Yeti Crossover - Video - New Car Review - What Car?

    not for me but i dont know your business.
    Thanks for that. Should have said that we use Berlingo Multispaces at the moment for heating/gas/electrical in rural areas, so rutted farm tracks are about the worst we come across, (recent weather excepted!). I'm obviously interested in the 4X4 more to include shooting activities but not looking for hardcore off-road ability.

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    Renault used to do a 4x4 van called the trekka i think, may be work a view for you (if still in production).
    if you have 16k to spend on each the Vw transporter 4 motion is also worth looking into.
    i can tell you where not to buy one as i have had a dire experience but thats a long story.

    atb f.

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    The idea of a 4x4 car derived van is something that I always thought would be popular. When Subaru pick-ups ceased to be available I thought Vauxhall would make a 4x4 Astravan or similar. Think of the potential markets FC, utilities, Post office, Police dog vans, National trust, RSPCA etc. There are lots of people who don't need a hard core 4x4 with all its extra costs etc but would benefit from a 4x4 van. Most people I know who have driven permanent 4x4 cars on the road would be very reluctant to go back to 4x2. JC

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    CoCo the Clown swears by them!!

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    I think it makes a lot of sense. Skoda are really well regarded now, they also hold there value well compared to any French vehicle. I think it would be a great choice.

    Clarkson even gave it a good review in the Sunday Times a few months ago.

    Just because you are paranoid, doesn't mean they aren't out to get you......

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    ive had a skoda for almost a year and i cannot fault it really well put together and does what the makers claim. skoda have been near top carmaker since 2005 good range of vehicles and yes the yetti is quite ugly but it drives well.

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    A lot of people think Skodas are re-badged VW's but they are not.. they share floorpans and the odd VAG group engines. Local taxis here are Octavias and Fabias and they change wheel bearings and shocks for fun and the seats loose thier springing after use. They don't have the interior build quality of a Golf or Passat but you probably get what you pay for.
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    The mother-in law took one for a test drive ,i sat in the back..the amount of road noise in the rear was incredible. At one point i thought there was no floor under the chord carpet ! Yukkkkkkkkk. The clever paint design makes them look like an agile 4x4, whe infact they have no real 4x4 ground clearance.

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