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Thread: Red stags

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    Red stags

    Hi Guys
    I have posted a couple of pics of stags taken last year they are on my Deer Stalking
    advert Bubak booked a single am stalk and got his good ten pointer no trophy fee
    so a good day out for him ,his mate Brian was out at the same time and returned with
    a smaller one (no pic) The other pic is Kezer with his stag we walked for a while on
    the hill without seeing anything and then stopped to rest and glass for a while on a
    high spot above a wallow hole that had recently been used .We had only been there
    ten minutes and 3 or 4 hinds came running up towards us chased by Kezers stag
    it stopped and stood perfectly for the shot and dropped on the spot

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    Where is it that we are able to view your Deer Stalking advert please?

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    I think I'll have to get saving and have a few days out with you, you've
    got some cracking beasts up your way. Can't see any of your reds though.

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    Yes that's why I was asking where the ad is as you say that is where the pics are.

    Waiting in anticipation.


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    Hi Guys
    If you go to deer stalking opportunities then down to roe and wild goat stalking SW Scotland
    pics of stags are on the second page
    Ballybricken i am only across the water from you pal lots of my land looks over estuary to Workington

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    Ah yes I'm with you now!
    We'll have to get something sorted then Colin

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