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Thread: pm2 zeroing

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    pm2 zeroing

    Hi folks, I use Schmidt and bender pm2 on both my .308 and .243- I very rarely touch them once zeroed but noticed last time I changed to some home loads I had to change the zero on them.

    So what has happened is that once happy with zero, I loosen off the grub screws and reset turret to zero to 0, but this then changes the zero. The only way round this I have found is to loosen the screws and pull the turret off and put on at 0.

    Is this the norm, not double turrets standard ones. 3-12*50 mag!

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    You must make sure you undo both grub screws fully, made the same mistake!

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    Go to the Schmidt&Bender web sight and have a look at this:

    Scroll down and look at the PDF link on the left hand side (instruction manual), this should explain your query, hopefully!!

    But as deer man has said make sure you undo both grub screws!

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    Thanks for the replies and will look at link. Ta woody

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