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Thread: Washing your Stalking attire?

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    Washing your Stalking attire?

    My better half would like to wash the cloths I stalk in, to be honest the mossy oak gear I have has never been washed! I donít want to smell all fruity for the deer or light up all UV and bright, so have resisted her demands so far.
    I am a little concerned that apart from being covered with some of Northumberlandís finest mud, my clothes are smelling like a rugby changing room (without the undertones of deep heat)!
    I have read about sent locking washing powders and liquids in the states, are these any good or gust a gimmick?, what do you wash your cloths in (if you wash them?).
    I am sure that if I donít act the deer will smell me before I get on the ground!

    Any ideas?

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    Is washing talk a forum no-no, or have I just asked a silly question?
    Ah my post stinks as bad as my Como gear!!

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    I confess that as one constitutionally inclined to bachelorhood, I am i/c my own laundry, including the ironing.

    I confess further that my gear gets washed once a year in Granger's liquid stuff, and then rinsed through with the same firm's reproofing liquid. Both operations are done in the domestic washing machine (whose operation I further confess I understand quite well).

    If you require further embarassing confessions (on the subject of laundry only, of course), please don't hesitate to ask.

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    If my outer kit absolutely has to be washed due to blood or *****, I tend to use pure soapflakes from Boots - this avoids any 'just washed' smell and doesn't contain any of the optical brighteners that light you up like a 70s disco. Don't overdo the quantity though or your washing machine will spew out bubbles through the powder drawer... For fabrics like Goretex and other breathables, use one of the Nikwax products and follow the temperature instructions.

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    get her to stick it through twice on a 40C wash with no powder it will be fine


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    I just get the wife to wash them in Bold i am not sure if i light up like a christmas tree or not but after 30 years i really dont care. THINKING ABOUT IT THATS WHY I CANT GET CLOSE TO DEER

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    Simple pure LUX soapflakes and rinse well

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    My Motto

    Keep wearing your favourite kit --------- until ordered out of the house because of the stench and wait for the request --------

    For god's sake bring that stinky stuff in here and I will wash it for you TONIGHT

    Bring it in all sheepish (IN A BAG) and quietly enquire if it can be washed in a non smelly substance as it makes you sneeze -------------- JOB DONE , clean non smelly clobber, don't for christ sake slip up on the sheepish bit as you could be sleeping in the dog house that night

    Then say thank you sweetheart as you grab the clobber and dash off to get it back into shape again ------- simples

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    Wash as normal. Then do a further cycle with no detergent. Observe wind direction when stalking. Not often I come away empty handed, and when I have in the past, I doubt very much it's been down to "optical brighteners".
    For the sake of domestic harmony, leaving it minging is not an option.
    You can't say muntjac without saying, Mmmmmm.

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