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    Welcome Aboard Buddie,

    As I'm sure you already know, there are various levels of knowledge on here, I learn daily on here, fantastic info site with only too many people willing to help.

    Hope you enjoy the site.


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    Hello and welcome onto the site snowstorm, (nice user name but don`t want too many of em)

    Ask away with your Questions and you will get a relpy from honest and helpful people.


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    Hello snowstorm and welcome, you sound to be in an envious position with your own piece of woodland to hone your skills. Better get your butallo call ready, it's slowly heading that way.


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    welcome aboard snowstorm
    post away and every one will help as much as they can, i am sure of that

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    Welcome aboard Snowstorm!
    Post and increase your knowledge,
    All the best,

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