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Thread: Norma Jaktmatch

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    Norma Jaktmatch

    Hi has anyone had any experience with this loaded ammo?

    I may have found some at a good price and wondered if it was any good?


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    It should be fairly good but it is target ammo isn't it?

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    yeah its FMJ. just wondered if it was any good, generally speaking, as i may just use it for some paper punching.

    Looks like it may work out cheaper than buying norma brass, so ill probably get it anyway!!!

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    If it's a good deal let us know what calibres are available, where from, and the price etc. Like you say it might be a good source of cases.

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    As mentioned it's FMJ. Paperpunching or over here, Capercaillie or Black grouse out of snowy pine tops

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    its only 7mm rem mag that is available, which is probably why its the price it is. Dont want to shoot myself in the foot by giving all the details away incase somebody beats me to it!!

    but if anyone is interested they can pm me!!

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    Norma Jakt match is good quality FMJ ammo. So is S&B match ammo and that is a lot cheaper than Norma.

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    i have used Norma jaktmatch in many years both for training and hunting(smal games for the pot). in following calibers 222 rem. 6,5x55 and 3006 and i 'll say these ammo are great, very accurate and relaiable.

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