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Thread: Book Recommendations

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    there is only one book i can recommend
    and that is the 'perfect shot' by kevin robertson
    tells you all about the african game specieces and calibre of rifle he rscommends
    hope this helps

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    Craig Bobbington's Safari Rifles,

    Any of Peter Hatherway Capsticks writings - not an abc guide of how to do it - more anecdotal tales of African

    Anything by Robert Ruark

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    i agree with Stone - "Perfect Shot" is a must read (or else get hold of the DVD)

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    Another vote for PHC books.

    Join no site comes close for advice/tips and stories on African hunting.

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    You might also consider books by the following:

    Robert Ruark


    Ron Thompson





    Pires and PHC

    You'll find 'em all with a quick internet search

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    I'm with Heym sr20 on this one I've got most of Capsticks books love em
    edge of your seat reading. Probably not the best read if you have just booked a trip on dangerous game and as Heym said Craig Boddingtons safari rifles is a good read aswell as being more practical than Capsicks books.
    As for Robert Ruark I'll probably get shot down for saying this but I've tried to read a couple of his books and find them a bit boring


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    One of the books that originally got me interested in hunting was Hunter by J.A. Hunter. As a young man in the first half the of the 20th century he was a failure and was sent to Africa where he became a professional white hunter dealing in ivory and guiding rich clients.

    I read it as a 9 year old borrowed from the library before they all went PC and was totally captivated, I managed to get hold of a copy in a second hand shop 40 years later and lived it all again but from a different perspective,

    Although not about Africa another two favourites are the Maneaters of Kumaon by Jim Corbett - stories of incredible bravery, and Hunter Climb High by Keith Sverinson on hunting in New Zealand and around the World.

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    Oh Dear, Wayne, you shouldn't have said that, Shakari is a Ruark fanatic
    He calls his Jeep "Jessica" and it wouldn't suprise me if he gets a lorry for transporting safari kit to camps, it'll be "Annie Lorrie".

    I will second Robertson's 'The Perfect Shot'. IMHO everyone should read it if they are going to hunt Africa.
    PHCs "Safari: The last adventure" is very useful. Lots of info, presented entertainingly.
    Another vote for Boddiington's 'Safari Rifles', too.
    There are many, many others and you could spend a fortune on books alone.

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    Quote Originally Posted by stone
    there is only one book i can recommend
    and that is the 'perfect shot' by kevin robertson
    tells you all about the african game species and calibre of rifle he rscommends
    hope this helps
    this book comes in two sizes
    a large hardback copy or a little paper back pocket version
    i got mine from
    paul morgan of COCH-Y-BONDDU BOOKS
    he is at most gamefairs
    enjoy your search

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