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Thread: The final part of the puzzle

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    The final part of the puzzle

    After shooting my first deer last week , we are going to sit down later to a nice meal. A local butcher, cut it up for me and showed me roughly what to do. Fair play to those guys I didn't realize there was as much to it. I have found the information on the board invaluable, so thanks for the help.


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    Here`s to the first of many!! Enjoy.
    You will have to let us know what recipe you used.
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    The George foreman recipe

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    congratulations ksb i have a feeling this will be the best venision you have ever tasted knowing its the 1st you have put on the table and having seen it from start to finish will make it taste that much sweeter

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    Well done ksb!! Venison is now our family favourite.

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    Well done Sir!, now you will find entertainment in defining that this, or that, is sweeter than this!..... or the other!,.................. try a little taste of Muntie!
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    Friends have said Munties are the nicest deer, Time will tell

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