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Thread: Red deer Grandels

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    Red deer Grandels

    Red deer grandels are big in southern Germany / Saltzburg / Austria / the Tyrol etc and are made into jewellery mementoes

    So what do you do with yours (if anything) ?

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    Bin but i do look first

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    At one time there used to be a sale for them over here, and some fellows even travelled over from Germany to buy them. It was a Christmas 'perk' for many stalkers. My wife had her first motorised transport in the form of a moped which she obtained from the envelope which I pinned on the Christmas tree for her - two season's worth of tusks.

    My old mentor once came across a number of tins full of pairs of these tusks which his father had laid by. At that time a good set - well marked , would fetch a fiver. He sold the lot - in conjunction with those he had collected himself, and bought the first Mannlicher SSG .308 I had ever seen or heard-of.
    It was to be his undoing because when he next appeared at the yearly shoot he was banned for having a target rifle.

    Then the trade stopped over here - Christmas time for the kids became a bit more lean.
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    Anyone care to enlighten me? What are grandels?

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    Quote Originally Posted by kingstonandy View Post
    Anyone care to enlighten me? What are grandels?
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    Tusk's from red deer!

    Atb Barry

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    Got up to 7 per pair for them at one time, used to be a guy , come over from Germany and go round all the estates collecting them, a nice bonus.

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    Bogtrotter - It might well have been the same fellow who did the rounds here. I think he varied his price to suit himself. I believe his name was Schellenberg and he also towed a big trailer and collected antlers. He used the Dunblain area as his base.

    For some reason stags tusks became less popular than hind tusks for a while as smaller jewlery came into fashion, then there was a glut on the market - or the dealers found a cheaper source from elsewhere as the trading suddenly stopped.

    Cervus Elaphus - Red deer. I believe that the tusks are what remains of Ivory tusks in deer. (I have no idea about whether the Chinese Water Deer are exhibiting the same thing with their 'fangs', but perhaps someone will enlighten me or I can google it up).
    Opinions often differ according to unknown circumstances.

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    funnily enough i was watching antiques roadshow last week and a neclace was made from red stag teeth with a letter that gave a date from when the stag was shot the caps of the teeth where enclosed with gold it made 100 pounds,atb wayne

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