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Thread: My First Roe Today

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    My First Roe Today


    I got my first Roe ever today a young doe, Big thanks to Mike & Dave at Jelen for the opportunity. Not shoot a deer in 27 years so happy to have the first one under my belt. DSC 1 and 2 next..

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    brilliant, nice to see you are back into it. well done all concerned

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    Well done steve, keep it up bud


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    Did you shoot both front legs off? only joking

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    Shot through both and through top of heart and through the lung

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    dropped dead on the spot, just about to get out of the High seat as it was to dark and saw something out the corner of my eye put the scope on it and squeezed one off. The missus has already made some Thai soup out of the liver and kidney

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    Congratulations Steve.

    She must have been one the ones hiding from Paul and I earlier this week

    Nice shooting, first of many hopefully.

    Best Regards,


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    well done, if the bug bites it will cost you a fortune but it is all good fun.


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    Congratulations Steve,

    Im sure it wont be the last!!!



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    Quote Originally Posted by devilishdave View Post
    well done, if the bug bites it will cost you a fortune but it is all good fun.

    Aint that the truth!!!

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