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Thread: 6.5 x 55 Sauer 202 outback and Swarovski scope.

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    6.5 x 55 Sauer 202 outback and Swarovski scope.

    Putting this one up for a friend.

    Sauer 202 Outback 6.5 x55 fluted barrel with Northstar moderator. Swarovski 3-12 x50 habicht 4a reticle with mounts, bases etc.

    circa 200 rds since new and in excellent condition. Scope in as new condition with box and papers.

    2100 quid for the complete set up or will split rifle only for 1200.



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    Unfortunately out of my budget!!!Lovely rifle, maybe one day.

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    Could you tell me if it is the one with the integral weaver rail or the older type. Please i have some one very interested

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    Hi Gareth

    Have you got any photo's ? And is this the one with the interchangeable barrels ?



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    I'll have some answers tomorrow chaps as I will see the owner.


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    It's the model without the weaver rail. AFAIK all 202s have interchangeable barrels.



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    Ok mate thank wrong one for him wish you luck with it.

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    have you still got it and can we have some pics

    do you still have the 6.5 and may we have some pics please

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    Yes, rifle still available. Can't supply pics as it's a mates rifle and he's a fair way from me. However the rifle is like new as is the scope. Have a look on Sauers website and that's yer man. PM me if you're interested and I'll supply my mates phone number.



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    Rifle only now as scope etc sold.

    Rifle only at 1150 which is a considerable saving on a new beast!

    Pre- loved only gents!


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