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Thread: A reminder of safety from Sweden.

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    A reminder of safety from Sweden.

    To be reminded of safety is never a bad thing, just been reading about this tragic accident in Sweden:

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    Puts things into perspective thats for sure!!

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    I read in the Swedish hunting press that it was a moose calf he shot at. Just go's to show you can never be to carefull.

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    It has been well reported on, no big sensation headlines or demands for huntingto be banned in Sweden. I think our press could learn a bit from this! I noticed in Shooting Times they gave this a mention but detailed that the skier was killed by a 'ricochet' and that 'lead ammunition is banned in Sweden', yet I have not found any information to back this story up? From what I've read it was a case of a bad choice of backstop. I wonder where Shooting Times got their info from and why they felt the need to mention the lead thing, looking for a sensation? The police in Sweden seem to have handled it well too.

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    Lead Free bullets are under review in Germany for Ricochet problems.


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    Have you read the comments underneath?

    I do sometimes wonder what world they are living in
    "Good advice is always certain to be ignored, but that's no reason not to give it." Agatha Christie

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    Rereading the article it appears that the hunter shot at the moose calf and the bullet went through the neck hitting the 71 year old skier as he came round a curve in the track through the forest. The hunter could be charged with involuntary manslaughter. Its the first case in the hunting field in 10 years.
    There is no lead ban in Sweden apart for lead shot over wetlands and for clay shooting.
    We don't have the hysterical calls for banning hunting and shooting like you would have in the UK. The whole event is looked on as a very tragic accident.

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