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Thread: muntjack and chinese water deer

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    muntjack and chinese water deer

    hi to all, been a while since i have been on,right i have friend headin away lower england,,pardon my lack of exact details,,to shoot hopefully both of the species in the title,right please,i am a head stalker on a highland estate and did say to him that the perquisites,ie tips,would be the same,but to be honest did not know,please can any one confirm this,cheers to all.

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    i suppose it depends how much highland stalkers get tipped if i read the thread right !

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    well that confirms,that my question is valid,and may be different from the 5 euro tip of normal...

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    as a keeper i usually get between 20 and 50 pounds for a good days sport when i pay to go stalking off the shoot i usually tip 20 to 40 i would tip even if i didnt get a shot and tip more towards 40 if i got more than one beast thats just me. my mate is a pro stalker and i know he is not earning mega bucks so really every penny helps him and his family.

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    Hi there, as gamekeeper of 25 yrs and a stalker supplying cwd and muntjac I am quite familiar with the tipping process.
    Where as tipping on game shooting is the norm, with deer stalking it is not as greatly expected even with success and first class hospitality. Therefore, I believe that a tip should be given if the trip is successful and the staff are helpful and hospitable. How much would depend on initial cost, stalks completed and the comments above. In my personal opinion I would tip be 20.00 a day. But, I must stress this is my personal opinion.
    Best wishes, Muntjac Stalker

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    aye super,i will let my colleague no this info,,i have told him if he is happy tip accordingly,get rid of the myth of tight scots,lol

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    I would tend to tip more if the stalker was an estate employee rather the the owner/organiser of the stalking.

    If the stalker is also the host and the 200 or whatever for the day is going directly to him, I would not be inclined to tip very much. If he needs more money for his day, he should say so and charge for it.

    An employee stalker on a highland estate or whatever, I would give a decent tip.

    Just because you are paranoid, doesn't mean they aren't out to get you......

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    Got to agree with CD i take chaps out and what i ask for is what i expect no more no less have had tips and feel a bit embaraced most times turn it down flat.

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