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Thread: 260 remington

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    260 remington

    Hi Guys

    Anyone selling or know of someone selling a 260?


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    Hi mate how mutch do you whant to spend..Neil

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    Quote Originally Posted by biglad View Post
    Hi mate how mutch do you whant to spend..Neil
    Depends what it is Biglad. Lets just say i'm looking at anything from a new Tikka T3 Lite to a semi custom Tikka @ 1500. Would be keen to do the whole set up in one go if possible i.e dies brass mounts etc.

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    Hi mate a frend has a gun shop he builds rifles to he has done a semmi custom 260 rem built on a tikka action shillen barrle jet z mod and rings 1500 for the lot nice wood stock PM me if interested cheers Neil

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    sportsman gun doing mannlicher pro mountain 260 cal 20'' s/s 799.99
    shot a pro hunter in 260 cal last saturday that belongs to a mate it was awsome
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