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    Does anyone have any experience of shooting in Sweden, such as operators to use?

    I am thinking about trying it and would like to know what I would be letting my self in for.


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    hi there, you just might be up for the best shooting experiance there is. I personely have not used any outfitters because I have my own hunting lease/ land so I cannot say who is good or not, but I go out there every sept for the moose ,bear caper and grouse and can only tell you what a fantastic experiance it is.
    The countryside is beautiful and the people very friendly, costs are about the same as here, only if you go to norway will it start to hurt your pocket.
    If you like fishing then from june onwards they have some of the best trout,char and pike fishing around, all for very little money.
    If you go to southern sweden then you have an opportunity to shoot wild boar as well as the moose, bear and roe, where as in the northern part you have bigger moose and bear but no boar...yet.
    this past season has been one of the best for caper, blackcock and grouse, when we were out there we seen many. many small groups plus some very big caper cocks sitting in the trees.
    maybe jagare on here will tell you more, he lives and hunts in the country ,if you decide to go , then you won't regret it , great place.

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    Hej wills Have a look at, Its jägareforbundets advertising site , hunting offered. If you copy the advert you want and put it through google translate you will see whats on offer.
    Bear,lynx, Wolf are all done on licence jakt so there is a limited number shot every year. Wolf you have no chance, 20 to shoot this coming Saturday and they will all be shot in a couple of days. There are adverts for bear hunting but remember there is only about 250 shot every year and bear hunting is over very quick.
    There is some reasonabley priced boar hunting from high seats, beaver hunting, roe and as happyhunt says caper and black cock normaly shot out of the tops of trees with a rifle. Moose hunting is a normally done with a hunting team and hunted with dogs. We hunt everything with dogs
    Very good fishing to be had.

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    I used to tie flies for a retired solicitor who went to fish the river Morum each year, he absolutely loved it! I think it was the Ullsok that he used to great success, I tied hundreds of them for him. He said the people were lovely.

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    Thank you all for your input, much appreciated. As I enjoy fishing as well as shooting, it seems a great place to go, plus the women are quite hot, which is an extra bonus.

    I will continue to look into it.



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