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Thread: comb raiser

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    comb raiser

    Been thinking of adding an adjustable Karsten comb raiser to stock of my sauer 202 for improved eye alignment to the scope. Has anyone else done this to their rifle with satisfied result? Been looking for a while now for solution to this and have stayed clear of the strap on (easy on) versions of comb raisers. I want a more permanent fitting.

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    You may want to try a strap on version first. I had a marlin 17, that was very low, I could never get comfortable shooting it and I tried a cheeck piece raiser. It certainly raised my shooting position but I was still not comfortable when shooting. I changed it for a cz. You find it difficult moving the rifle if you alter it and find that you still arent happy with it.

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    Keep us posted on how you get on, I have the same problem since fitting a large scope to my Sako A11 tried a piece of pipe lagging strapped to stock, worked perfect but looked really naff, purchased a rubber comb raiser, works OK but can't keep it attached to the stock for long, have tried all sorts of glue sticky pads etc.
    So I need something more permanent, thought of having one made in wood and fixed to the stock, but my wood working skills are not good enough, so need to find someone who could do the job without making a sows ear of it.

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    i have a black hawk removable comb raiser that you are welcome to try, just stick it in the post when you are finished with.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ksb View Post
    You may want to try a strap on first. .
    Dude! this is a 'stalking forum'

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    Quote Originally Posted by PKL View Post
    Dude! this is a 'stalking forum'
    High seats can he boring

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    I have been through / am going through this with my 7x65 which has a comb designed for the open sights and for somebody with a fat face. As a temporary fix I have laced a piece of leather over the stock and to this have glued a piece of foam. I now need to cover this and or ask somebody to make proper one for me. It works well, but doesn't damage the stock in any way (walnut). The karsten would probably work well, but IMHO looks somewhat crude for a nice rifle such as a Sauer. If you want an adjustable comb, have a look at kreighoff uk website, I remember there were links to somebody who can a very tidy adjustable comb set up. I did look at this closely, but could n't bring myself to have the stock cut to incorporate this. I think Sauer do an adjustable comb stock for the 202 as well.
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    Following on from my previouys thread:

    Have a look at the Wolverine Model of the 202 - - a much neater way of doing things, but quite why the wood doesn't match is beyond me. Either use your existing stock and modiify it or swap it for this style.

    I did talk to the chap Kreighoff site 18 months ago about an similar adjustable comb for my combination gun -

    Alternatively go to get one of these kits and have it installed - I would have thought any competent stock maker / cabinet maker / gunsmith could do it.

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    202 synthetic stock

    My 202 is the outback version with the black synthetic stock. This would limit my options and rule out the retro fit involving cutting the stock and sinking adjustable screws? I agree that if I fall out with the rifle and have to sell I'd limit my market somewhat. Will probably go down the removable slip on versions. Any more recommendations? Thanks.

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    I know its an older thread but before I trudge the same road is there an easy answer??Has anyone tried the 'Gunwor X Comb raiser' fron NZ ? it looks ideal .. but.thanks

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