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Thread: Mountain Goat shooting

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    Mountain Goat shooting

    If you have muntjac/cwd stalking to swap for Ferral Goat stalking pm me.
    Last edited by aland; 10-02-2011 at 22:57. Reason: edited contact number until payment made for advert

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    hi there aland,i am interested in that but sorry dont have stalking to please could you give me a idear of how much would it cost me,i live in south wales,but dont mind traveling a bit,i have .243 and open ticket for vermin,would i need variation on it to shoot goats,??thanks for reading gerald.....

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    Quote Originally Posted by aland View Post
    I have been over or I should say up in the mountains today to look at a large chunk of land with lots of mountain Goats wandering around. If any one is interested in shooting feral goats, Or if you have muntjac/cwd stalking to swap pm me or call 07971429952. Please do not call or contact me if you are unable to walk in difficult terrain up and over mountain rock slabs for a distance of 1km.
    Right above where you made this post is a big yellow band across the page. Now if you are wanting to swop a stalk that is different to advertising "shooting a few feral goats" Could you either please become a trade member or sort out your post, thank you

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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    I am not a trade member or would I ever except money for stalking I posted the Ferral Goats as a swap only and will only except swaps thank you for making me aware it did'nt come across as I intended. .Aland

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    my self and dancoventry have meet alan great bloke and knows his stuff and can confirm he does not sell days
    cheers Lee

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    Hi Aland
    Interested in your post. Have muntjac, roe and fallow stalking available to swap. Live near the Powys border,Kington area. Let me know if you are interested.


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    Hi herbert
    I only had the chance to take one person for the goats earlier in the year ( cold weather ) brought the ferral goats lower off the mountain and the farmer only wanted the big billies. So im going to take the post off for now, And look at it again later in the year.( I will keep your post and inform you when I start again and just so you know the deal is I take you for a goat and I get the chance of a muntjac.

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