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Thread: Weather - D&G

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    Weather - D&G

    Can anyone give me an indication of the weather at present up near Dumfries? More specifically, is there any lying snow?

    I'm planning a trip up next weekend and would appreciate an idea of how things are to assist in deciding whether to come up.



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    Snow on ground but melting fast in lower areas. Always worth a trip to D&G

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    not melting here and more expected next week.

    Drove through the Dalveen Pass the other day - very scarey, especially when the numptie in the A3 overtook me and then spread the side of his car along the drywall dike half way down.

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    complete ice rink out this morning, wont be going anywhere today.

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    Just come back this morning from Dumfries conditions not good more snow to come saw plenty of deer but no chance getting into them to much noise under foot so packed up and come home.

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    Got back last night from ground near Straiton - had 3 inches of snow Saturday night, stalkin was bloody hard, managed 3 does between two of us just by being in the right place at the right time.

    Fell on my back 3 times due to ice under snow & has to re-zero..

    Can't wait for the snow to shift for another year & see some termperatures above 5 degrees!...

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