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Thread: My new driven boar gun.... opinions?

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    My new driven boar gun.... opinions?

    After seeing shotgun slugs for boar and having pigs come quite close in Bulgaria an idea popped into my head after being faced with a dozen odd pigs at close range and only managing two shots off before they got back into cover that my semi-auto beretta could kick some ass.

    Here we go... now I love my beretta a390 and sticking a red dot auto brightness sight on top of a weaver rail screwed down onto the barrel rail might offend people. But the fitting is sound and the sight is only 2.6 oz so it's not going to harm the rail.

    What do you think!

    ps. thanks for the heads up on the sight on ebay John

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    "Wood" be nice for shooting at trees


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    Its the way to go paul if its the way you want to go with slugs as they shoot like rainbows and having a dot over a rib is better as you can zero it at a range you expect the pigs.
    It would be better on an 8 shot though.

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    It works, I run a Benelli M1 super 90 7 shot with a scope mount from midway and a 2x32 diamond ret with red dot scope can get consistent 3-4" groups at 60 yards and the dot on its brightest setting is usefull on moving shots.

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    Got to be the ultimate short range weapon. Would quite like to be behind you when you happen upon a group. Does the action take away some of the recoil. I have a combo with a 12 bore barrel and although I have some slugs I have yet one and have no idea what to expect.

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    Ah but! I'll be taking the .375 as well! . Nothing like getting to a peg and having choice.... I hope it's allowed never though about that.

    Stan ... I can see these wood jokes are going to stick

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    Did you connect with the 375?

    ATB Barry

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    Yeh, I got a pig in Bulgaria with rifle which was great but I found on some of the pegs that with the range you could see pigs into the trees a shotgun would have been better. The rifle though for anything more open with a little distance is the tool for sure.
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    That is unless you get a rifled tube (barrel) for the shotgun.

    The idea has appealed to me but that is as far as it's got what with the Firearms Licensing Officer being like she is. I can hear the screams now with me just thinking about it.

    I do happen to have a nice 50's vintage FN Auto Five no a nice hastings rifled barrel would be a treat .......................................... in my dreams.

    I cannot afford trips after Boar so a dream it will likely remain.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brithunter View Post
    That is unless you get a rifled tube (barrel) for the shotgun.
    And some nice sabot slugs to make the barrel work properly! Although I hear that those Sauvestre fin stabilised ones do quite well out of a smoothbore. Anyone tried them?

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