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Thread: Roe Buck Stalking 2011

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    Roe Buck Stalking 2011

    I have a limited number of spaces for Roe Buck stalking this coming season April 1st 2011 on a large lease in West Sussex.

    Fees this year are as follows. 60 a stalk, all booked stalks to be paid for whether you stay or not after taking your deer as some clients left after shooting their deer first outing. Kill fee on a Buck 25.00. Vension can be bought at going rate.

    Any animal badly shot ie haunch, saddle or gut, carcase must be paid for, and or taken away. Lost/wounded deer to be paid for, although unlikely as I have a Todd (not a donk)

    PM me in first instance, first come first served.

    Thank you

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    I will have a day out if you have a date free that I can make. Will call you this evening Malcolm.

    Kind regards

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    Thats a good offer Malc and i like the idea of useing todd to make sure your clients recover there beast if at all possible i always wounder why so many deer are lost of with clients when a good dog will 99.9% of the time find a shot deer even if it runs on a long long way. I know most of the time if my old dog dont find it it aint lost or shot.

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    you can put me down for a day p m me with your telephone number and i will call you back yours martyn 52.

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    I'll have a day too please, can you pm me a contact number and dates?



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    You have a PM.



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    Thanks Ad's must say that bottle of Sloe Gin you gave me was the dogs b////ks mate. Even me old mum who's 79 enjoyed a tipple over crimbo.

    Give me a call on the mobile and we will sort something out. By the way did you get the Email I sent for the local plod?

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    Glad you enjoyed it mate, I make gallons of the stuff each year so I'm sure they'll be more if you would like it

    Yes I got your e-mail mate its just what I was looking for, just had another meeting with my FEO so I'm just waiting to see what happens now. Hopefully I'll actually be able to use my .243 before long. Also asked for a .30-06 so fingers crossed.

    I'll try and give you a call tomorrow sometime.



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    Can those that tried to Pm me or contact me Pm me again as I have been waiting for the B/B to get back to me. They are having work done on the house in April, but I can still take some clients. By May the work will be complete so there will be a place to overnight for those that wish to for 25 a night.

    Thank you


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    PM sent Malc
    Geoshot (Trevor)

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