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Thread: Gun light Invisible to animals

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    Gun light Invisible to animals

    I am sure I read somewhere that a company produces a torch that produces a beam of light that is invisible to animals. Has anyone any knowledge of such a device? Or had some single malt influence my memory.

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    No there are some claims that a torch ( green light ) is invisible to animals. If i remember were i will post link to you for the UK site.


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    I am pretty sure these are the new devices that have been around for a bit now...

    I had a friend who tried one took it back the next day, v unimpressed and have been around gun shops where again not a lot of good was said about them... Just others opinions but the first especially I would trust...


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    Green filter on a lightforce still spooks lamp shy bunnies and foxes been there done that. I have heard the ND3 is a good tool though but thats laser technology so maybe it works.

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    I was listening to some patter on this that says filters only reduce the zap of lamps that spook the animal partly taking advantage of their limited colour perception. Specific devices like the above ND3 put out visible light to us at the wavelength that most animals have a weak detection of. Appartently because animals are less receptive to the wavelengh of light the device delivers they ignor it

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    The issue the people I know had with the such device was not the concept but the range of the device...


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