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Thread: So why don't we wear it

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    So why don't we wear it

    Having just read an article in a magazine about shooting Whitetail deer in America.
    Mike Yardley makes a statement, and I quote
    "Orange clothing can be seen by humans,but not by deer"
    If this is the case why don't we use it much.if at all,in this country,yet it is used quite a lot in Europe.
    Does anyone use it in this country or know of anyone that does.

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    If we wore 100% orange clothing, surely we'd be invisible to deer then

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    Thats because a lot of shooting in America takes place on public land, so during the season you have many "hunters" crawling around nationl parks looking for whitetail. In most states in America you are rquired to wear "Hunter Orange" whilst hunting on public land. As we mainly stalk on private land here, you are unlikely to come across another stalker on the same patch of gound that you aren't aware of....

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    There is a lot written on the subject of what colours different animals can see and not see. Some only shades of greys, fascinating really considering what some people wear on the hill. However whatever colour you wear in camo it will break up the outline, black seems to be the worst colour !!!
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    personally I wouldnt want to wear bright colours so I can avoid human eyes and the problems that they often bring

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    In the past when moving deer in woodland towards rifles , I've had the guys wear vis-vests also when at woodcock with foreign clients, I make them wear hi vis.
    We are just not used to it, although anyone in forestry or construction will be by now, you may think it looks strange but not half as bad as gunshot wound!!!!

    Remember an incident , back in the 80's myself and a few other young stalkers were having a pint in the infamous Lochailort bar, a well known and very loud older stalker walked into the bar and exclaimed that my colegue Alex's gairish 80's jumper was a bit bright for the hill, in front of the gathered audience Alex replied, " When you are as good as me it doesn't matter what colour you wear!!!!"

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    A little away from the general direction of thread, but possibly of interest regards colour of clothing, Crows were avoiding a shooter on a field, regularly taking no notice of brightly dressed walkers, so a bright orange boiler suit was procured................ very few crows left.
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    Quercus struck on the reason. Plus, the nature of the 'control' of stalking in the UK affords you with the training that has been about two generations gone from the US. What you get in training here as a result of all the control, we used to get as part and parcel of our upbringing. We WERE raised with guns and the safety associated with them. As the US goes from agrarian to urban, that training is lost. Without that training, and adding the stupidity of Hollywood with respect to firearms, and some people do stupid things with guns. Slathering everyone in "hunter orange" mitigates some of that lack of training.


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    Yes I understand the reasoning for wearing orange for identification purposes,but I was more interested in the fact that deer don't see the colour orange??.

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    Well then maybe the question should have been "Can deer see hunter orange?" as opposed to "Why don't we wear it?"

    There is strong evidence over about 4 decades demonstrating the color detection ability of white-tailed deer. Less long with other species. (If you want citations, use google or some other internet search engine and enter "deer color vision". You'll get more than you can read.) Most agree that they have limited color vision. HOWEVER, contrast, not color, is a "BIG DEAL" when it comes to "detecting" something that is not moving. Movement trumps color when it comes to detection. This being recognized in the US, "camo" hunter orange vests are now common-place. The orange alerts the humans, but the "camo" pattern breaks up the contrast.


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